Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rollei R3 Monochrome Film mystery

It has a variable film speed range from ISO 25-3200.

It's available in all film sizes, from 35mm to 8x10 sheet film.

Its sensitivity covers a wide range, from orthochromatic to panchromatic, right into infrared.

It has excellent resolution and contrast, and low fog due to an antihalation layer directly under the emulsion.

It can be enlarged or scanned with excellent results.

It can be processed in D76.

What the heck is this stuff?

It's Rollei R3 film, and if Rollei's amazing claims for it are true, this could help keep film photography alive. Big time.

I've emailed Rollei's US contact for information about availability in the US, and have found one source that will special order it for me. When I get it, I'll run some tests and report the results here as well as in greater detail in Black & White World. Meanwhile, go to Rollei's European web site for the details...and Stay tuned!


Farokh Monajem said...

The film is available from Rollei in Canada. Not available in any stores though. I am picking up some rolls tomorrow to play with.

Don Vaillancourt said...

Try this place: Freestyle Photographic Supplies. They also sell the R3 film.

Anonymous said...

The ROLLEI R3 must be pre-soaked for up to 5 minutes! Film comes excellent at ISO 400 using ROLLEI HIGH SPEED (RHS) developer 1+7, 15 mintes!

Charles Maclauchlan said...

Have you received any of the new Rollei film? I don't seem to be able to reach anyone at Rollei...e-mails come back as undeliverable.

Petrol said...

Hi. I'm an amateur and found your blog when I googled for Rollei R3. I have a a few rolls of this film and do night photography. Am currently using 120mm Ilford Delta 400 and my brackets are 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30. If I shoot this film at 3200, what would my brackets then be? Thanks in advance for your help.

Anonymous said...

"Excellent resolution" - how that? The official data sheet says it has 100 lines per mm. That is NOT much for such a film.
Unfortunately I found out that this is actually a crappy film after spending much money on these overpriced rolls and Rollei's overpriced developer. I am much better off with most other films, in terms of quality and price.

Ray Davis Gomez said...

Rollei R3 film i expose at asa 16 with heliopan 715 infrared filter & develop with D76 -go to Flickr's see the sample photos