Friday, December 28, 2007

Analog is dead, bla bla bla...

Is there any reason why we still need to read this sort of stuff? I thought we'd already moved beyond the analog/digital photography thing. Oh, right. This dead horse has been exhumed so this guy can sell his scanning services. Oh the pressure--we MUST scan every filim image we've got, before they fade away!

A hilarious excerpt from the press release:

"If you are plugged-in to the lightning-fast changes in technology, you know your collection of vinyl albums, VHS cassettes and printed pictures must be digitally converted before it fades away.

“Analog is dead. Now, the race is on to digitally convert generations of favorite memories super-fast and inexpensively,” explained Mitch Goldstone, a speaker at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show [CES ®]."

1. Whatever digital file format you'll scan your images to is likely to be rendered obsolete before your images start fading (especially B&W images that are archivally processed. So, no worries, mate.

2. Notice he's being quoted in the past tense for a future event (CES starts on Jan. 7).

The service, which will scan a box of photos for $99.95, seems reasonable enough. But why manufacture such urgency? Oh wait, I remember now. Profits!

Read all the sordid details.

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