Friday, April 24, 2009

Random NYC Street Shot #34

Tech data: Leica M8, 28mm f/2 Sumicron lens.

Exposure: Using Bryan Peterson's tip, I shot at ISO 320 in RAW and but exposed as if I was shooting at ISO 800, then added 1.5 stops in my RAW image editor. Moderate grain, but better than if I'd shot at a higher ISO setting.

More M8 shots coming soon! Too bad I have to give it back in a week...

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Tim Goodspeed said...

Sounds like just the opposite theory of when shooting film to over-expose/under-develop. When shooting digital I usually have my exposure compensation set to minus one to two-thirds of a stop, but I never tried the idea of a stop or more and then adding exposure in the RAW development. I always thought that when I add too much to the exposure in RAW I tend to see a lot of grain, but then again the images have always been captured at normal to slightly under-exposed, never as much as you (or Bryan) are suggesting. Interesting. I will give it a try.