Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random NYC Street Shots with Olympus E-P1!

A few observations: Lag time prevented me from getting up close enough to subjects, and awkward focusing resulted in too many blurred shots. I managed to get some decent shots but all at a range of around 10-15 feet, which is too far away. Read my Street Photography Stress Test of the E-P1 at the Adorama Learning Center.

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Graphicgreg said...

There is some nice work here. I particularly like the fourth one down. I also like much of the work on your website, a number of shots being favorites. "Vanlines" is one of your best. Too bad you had to scan prints for the 70's stuff. I originally did but am now going back and scanning negs of the better work. I too took a Winogrand workshop and enjoyed your memories of him.