Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thinking about Herbert Keppler

If you've read this post on Herbert Keppler's Pop Photo blog, you know he has been "sidelined by a conflicting regimen of medications that has temporarily left him unable to make it into the office."

(Keppler, when he ran Modern Photography, was my boss and gave me my first big break in the photo industry; we worked together again from 2000-2005 at Pop Photo and I still consider him a friend and mentor).

Unfortunately, after a call from a mutual friend I must report his health has not improved since that post, and in fact has had several setbacks. So in addition to sending cards and letters, as suggested by Pop Photo, let's have Burt in our thoughts and prayers for a full, speedy recovery.

Photo of Herbert Keppler at right by Mason Resnick shot in 2004 for Popular Photography.

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