Monday, January 28, 2008

Pre-PMA rumors: Nikon rangefinder? Full-frame Leica?

I'm heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) trade show, and should have the answers to such questions as: Is Nikon really getting ready to announce a digital rangefinder to go head-to-head with Leica? And is Leica going to unveil the M9, a full-frame (35mm, not APSD) digital rangefinder? Is ANYBODY making new 35mm film cameras?

And will there be any new film? I have a meeting with Kodak where they promise something, er, emulsional.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Voigtlander still makes Bessas. New and improved models. Leica didn't release any new film camera but still makes M7 and MP.