Friday, February 01, 2008

Black & White at PMA: The Roundup (This will be very short)

OK, so the news for B&W photographers is...not much.

Ilford has a new film developer for slower-speed films that replaces the older one.

Ilford also has unveiled Ilford Galerie Gold, a baryta-like paper that's optimized for digital B&W printing.

Kodak? Same ol' chemicals, new T-Max 400, which was introduced at Photo Plus Expo back in November.

I spent most of the show running down the latest digital gizmos so sorry, that's all I found.

The following pre-show rumors are false:
1. There is no full-frame Leica M9
2. Nikon did not come out with a digital rangefinder camera
3. Canon did not upgrade the 5D

Biggest news of the show?
Sony's 24MP, 35mm-format sensor, introduced the morning before the show got underway. It's big news because while Sony will be the first to offer a camera with this sensor, it won't be alone, since Sony sells its sensors to whoever's buying (usually Pentax, Nikon, and others.) A mock-up camera was shown under glass, presumably the Pro Sony, and it's a big mama. So yeah, Sony's going to go after professional photographers. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that their new camera will be officially released around Photokina time later this year.

So, who's buying?

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