Sunday, February 03, 2008

Spread the word about Black & White World

Traffic to Black & White World since the relaunch on Jan. 1 has jumped 150% compared to the month before--from around 10,000 unique visitors to approximately 25,000, and this blog had 1,000 visitors for the first time in January, after a December in double figures. But we want to reclaim our position as the number one site devoted to black-and-white photography on the web, and that'll require a lot more traffic.

So, If you like what we're doing here at Black & White World, please take a few moments to tell a friend. In fact, tell a bunch of friends--as many as you'd like! Tell them Black & White photography is back, and so are we.

Fill in the "Tell A Friend" form on the right side of this page, or at the bottom of nearly every page in Black & White World. I love the traffic--especially when you click on the links to our advertisers. That helps support the site and I truly appreciate that support!

Ands if you have any suggestions for features or content that would make Black & White World a more enticing, exciting, and popular place, I'm all ears.


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