Sunday, February 03, 2008

GREAT DEAL ALERT! By phone or in person: 4MB card for FREE

This deal was so hot last week, when it was announced last week it brought to a screeching halt for an hour or so. Apparently when popular photo blogger Ken Rockwell--a really nice guy and a fellow former Long Islander--mentioned the deal, a gazillion people tried logging on to simultaneously, overwhelming its servers.

What was all the fuss about?

It's a Kingston 4GB 133x Elite Pro Compact Flash memory card, for sale $40 (which is a good deal all by itself), but with a $40 mail-in rebate. In other words, it's free (plus shipping).

Well, there's a catch: because this deal generated so much traffic to the web site, Adorama now requires customers to buy it in the store (Adorama Camera, Inc. 42 West 18th Street New York, NY) or ordering it by phone, 800-223-2500. Caveats: quantities limited, offers expire Feb. 8. Yes, the store is open Sundays. Good luck!

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