Friday, February 01, 2008

Kodak interviews John Sexton about Black & White

I met Audrey Jonckheer, who preaches the black-and-white gospel at Kodak, while attending PMA this week. We talked about how there seems to be a B&W comeback, and she was very interested in B&W World's potential role in it.

She pointed me to this interview she had with Ansel Adams protege John Sexton, in which he talks about his passion for B&W film. It's a good promotion for T-Max 400 but also check out all of those beautiful photos!

Also be sure to watch this video with John Sexton, also part of Kodak's efforts. (It's the second video down)

Like so many of us, he was turned on to B&W by watching a print come up in a tray of developer!

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