Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Street Photography Showcase, The World @ Street Level, Is Launched on the Web

Here it is: Our sister site is live!

One of the most challenging, underappreciated, but ultimately rewarding forms of photography is street photography. All over the world, photographers walk the streets of major cities, cameras in hand, trying to capture total strangers in candid moments in images that entertain, surprise, and ultimately prompt people to think visually. Now a new web site, The World @ Street Level, is serving up street photography by and for a new generation.

The World @ Street Level's approach has a unique twist: All of the photos showcased on the site are taken by photographers who have successfully completed an online course, hosted by the Perfect Picture School of Photography, called "Street Photography: Finding Order in Chaos." Taught by Mason Resnick, a veteran street photographer and well-known photography author, the class begain in January 2008 and has already received critical acclaim. As part of the course, Resnick critiques students' work.

"The World @ Street Level is, in a sense, a continuation of the course. It gets good street photography out there and hopefully will encourage others to be involved" notes Resnick, who in addition to teaching the course, is the web site owner. "A forum where street photography can be discussed will be available to both students and others who are interested."

According to one former student and featured The World at Street Level photographer, Mike Mackay, the critiques provided by Resnick "provide really helpful and insightful comments that motivate you to go out again and again to try new approaches."

Based more on refining one's instincts and improving perceptions of the world than on preconcieved ideas that are the basis of many photographs, street photography combines a zen-like philosophy with adventures in seeing. Because students must master exposure, manual focusing, and printing technique to get the sharpest, best exposures possible as a part of the course while simultaneously developing instincts and reflexes in order to capture decisive moments on the street, the skills learned as a street photographer can be applied to other photographic areas such as photojournalism and sports photography.

The World @ Street Level is produced by Resnick Associates, LLC. For details, email Mason Resnick at

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