Sunday, February 10, 2008

News media covers death of Polaroid film

When a brand as ubiquitous as the Polaroid dies, the media is all over it. When it was announced Friday that Polaroid was shuttering its last film production once and for all, it generated what one reporter described as a "heartfelt wake." And, fittingly, the response to the end of Polaroid film was...instantaneous.

Some examples...

Scotsman: The death of the Polaroid
"THE digital age has claimed yet another scalp. Polaroid instant photographs entranced a generation in the 1970s as colour images magically emerged from an unpromising white square of plastic..."

PC World: A heartfelt, YouTube-based wake for Polaroid Instant Photography
"I greeted today's news with an instinctive combination of shock, grief, and indignant fury: Polaroid has announced it's ceasing production of its instant film, which will become unavailable after 2009. What will I do when I need more film my trusty Polaroid?..."

The New York Times: Polaroid Abandons Instant Photography
"It was a wonder in its time: A camera that spat out photos that developed themselves in a few minutes as you watched. You got to see them where and when you took them, not a week later when the prints came back from the drugstore."

Techshout: Polaroid shuts down Instant Film Business after 60 years
"Remember the time when Polaroid film cameras were all the rage. You’d see excited people pulling a picture out of their cameras to see the image slowly but almost magically appear before their eyes. ..."

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