Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Got a Mac? Get these shareware programs!

Three new Mac-friendly image-editing programs worth looking into:

Apparent Software Image Framer: Add a frame border around your images. See what your photo would look like matted and framed before buying physical matts or frames. Shareware, $19.95.

HexCat VewIt: An image viewer that supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and other formats, ViewIt lets you quickly sort, print and view EXIF tags. It also lets you print "contact sheets" of digital images. Shareware, $20.

Creaceed Hydra: A disadvantage of digital is that its dynamic range is limited, and you may lose detail in shadows and/or highlights. HDR (High Dynamic Range) combines bracketed photos and uses the best exposure areas of each to create an optimal image with latitude that can mimic the human eye's seeing abilities. But it's a multistep process and can be complex. Hydra simplifies the process. It'll even merge pictures that weren't taken on a tripod. (Ansel would've loved this.) Shareware, $59.95.

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F64 Analog said...

"Ansel would have loved this?" Ansel was a man who was set in his ways and who believed firmly in taking photography for what it was. Ansel would have never embraced digital nor would he be impressed or won-over by digital techniques that change photography into something it was never meant to be: cheap amateur territory.