Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ed Wagner, behind-the-scenes photo industry legend, dies

It's been a bad year for photo industry giants.

First Burt Keppler passed away, then Henry Froelich. Now comes the news that Ed Wagner is gone.

You may not have heard of Ed, but he was instrumental in building the success of photo retailers nationwide during a distinguished career that spanned seven decades. Publisher of trade publications Photographic Trade News, and later Photo Industry Reporter, Wagner reported on new products, marketing campaigns and other developments that directly influenced how the local mom-and-pop camera store around the corner sold you and me cameras.

I had the pleasure of knowing Ed over the last 15 years, and occasionally did assignments for him and his publishing partner, Rudi Maschke. His enthusiasm for photography was catching. As I've discovered with so many people who have risen to the top of their industries, Ed was a gentleman, loyal, generous with his advice, and always putting in a good word.

My condolences to the Wagner family on their loss.

Read Photo Industry Reporter's obituary.

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