Tuesday, February 12, 2008

100 in 100: 100 photo tips in 100 days, Part II

And now, a word from my day job...(yes, this is a press release!)

Adorama will launch Part II of its popular 100 in 100 feature on February 18. In the original 100 in 100, Adorama's AIRC Learning Center published 100 photography tips in 100 days. Thanks to popular demand, Adorama will post another 100 photography tips in 100 days. The special feature will include theme weeks, reader-submitted tips, gear guides, and picture-taking ideas.

A new tip will be posted every day, Monday-Friday, for 20 weeks from February 18-July 4.

"Traffic tripled when we ran 100 in 100 last fall," notes AIRC Learning Center editor Mason Resnick. "The feedback was incredible. We got email from readers telling us it was the most useful information they'd found online. When it was over, people wanted more, and we're getting ready to deliver."

The tips range from basics for snapshooters to advanced techniques for hobbyists and pros. "You never what you're going to get from one day to the next," notes Resnick. "We have some surprises in store for the next 20 weeks."

While waiting for 100 in 100 Part II to start, visitors are encouraged to visit the original 100 in 100, as well as the rest of the AIRC learning center, which contains hundreds of informative photography how-to articles, product reviews and buying guides.

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