Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Street Photographer newbie's interesting thoughts

Mitch Alland, a recent convert to street photography, has written a thoughtful article on the subject on his blog, The Online Photographer. Good stuff, debatable thoughts such as his feeling that you need a project in order to be a better street photographer. Not how I learned it. My motivation is to see what things look like photographed, in black and white, and how the framed two-dimensional image freezes and transforms a moment.

Of course, it has to be interesting, and there has to be a tension between the form and content of the image. Visit his site to see some really good work.

In any case, this is a good read, as are the reader comments at the end.

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Anonymous said...

Mitch jumped into street photography a couple of years ago, and onto the web with post after post about Daido Moriyama, then followed up with Daido-ish clone images. He heard about Daido's use of a Ricoh GRD, so he bought one.

Very opinionated guy, occasionally interesting photographs.