Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"10 Things I Hate About Film"

Is this guy serious?
Well...no, he isn't.

To quote...
"Film is a four-letter-word. It’s a hideous part of our photographic past, and we’ll be better off once it’s been eliminated from society. I’m ashamed to admit that I tried film once, but I quickly learned just how disgusting it really is and I’ve been clean ever since that occasion. Just take my word for it — FILM IS BAD (mmmkay). Here are ten things I hate about film..."

Read the rest of this brilliant blog post by Brian Auer!


Brian Auer said...

Well I'm glad SOMEBODY got it! By the comments on the post, I'd say the over half of the audience took me seriously.

Mason Resnick said...

LOL! I caught on before I reached item #2.

Then again, you can't kid a kidder, and I've done some spoofs (giving "Migrant Mother" a makeover accompanied by clueless comments, for example) that have generated some amusing hate mail!