Monday, July 28, 2008

Street photo class: Registration open now for September session!

© 2008 by Mason Resnick

My street photo class has been a great success--I am thrilled to see so many students evolve into street photographers who have developed a passion for this thing that I can't help doing.

I am pleased to announce that my next street photography class will begin on September 12 and registration is open now!

Go to The World at Street Level to see some of my students' work, and to the Perfect Picture School of Photography to register. I'll personally critique your work and help guide you as you learn to overcome shyness about photographing strangers and master the challenge of finding order in chaos on the streets.

I hope you'll join me!


Samantha said...

Thanks for the inspiring post.Overcoming shyness is not that tough. If you think that it's time to let go of the "shy side" , seek help from It has interesting guides. Thought that I might share with you.

Mason Resnick said...

LOL! Imagine if I hadn't put in the term "overcoming shyness" in this post! I might never have gotten this entertaining SPAM.