Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random NYC street shot #19

© 2008 by Mason Resnick

Here's the final shot from my street test of the Ricoh Caplio GX100. The shutter, I must admit, reacted very fast, enabling me to get moments like this. One of the interesting features I tried out was the VF1 electronic vewifinder. It's interesting because it swivels from eye level to 90 degrees. I shot this with it set at about 45 degrees (hence the slightly lower POV) and it took quite a bit of getting used to. However, if you set the monitor live image view to just show the image without any information, you can see things pretty clearly.

Overall, I'd say this camera is a nice little camera, but because it requires relative manual settings (via button presses) rather than absolute settings (such as the focusing tab on a Leica M lens) and it has a high signal-noise ratio at higher ISOs, it falls short of the ideal digital street camera that I'm constantly looking for.

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Anonymous said...

I'm always on the lookout for a digital street shooter, which is why I just pre-ordered an LX3. I'm hoping this will fill the bill for now. I wish it had a tilting LCD. Enjoying your photos!