Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random NYC street shot #16

I've been shooting lately with the Ricoh GX100 digital compact camera. (It has just been replaced by the GX200, which is only available in the US via Adorama.)

Over the next few days I'll be posting shots made with this model, and my thoughts.
© 2008 by Mason Resnick

I shot this at ISO 100--which is ideal for best overall image quality and fewest digital noise artifiacts but not ideal for street photography. The woman on the far left is slightly blurred in the original file. Hyperfocal distance saved this from being a blurry mess, since focus was on the person in the center of the frame, and not on the people right in front of me.

OTOH, the camera reacted fast, with nearly no lag time. Images were captured in 4:3 aspect ratio which I cropped down to 2:3. I had the 2:3 aspect ratio mask on when shooting so I was thinking in the narrower format.

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